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dafa888体育理解 importance of delivering a broad and balanced curriculum and has an established and highly successful Art department supported by specialist Art Teachers and local 来访的艺术家. 以及重要性 of cultivating a love of the arts, there is a growing body of educational research to highlight the wider benefits of studying this subject which the 本系包含并使用丰富的大发dafa888设置. dafa888体育的目标是提供一个 range of opportunities for students to express and share their individual creativity and artistic style, whilst learning about and making links with 不同类型的艺术,以及一系列的艺术家和设计师.  学生也学习重要的 艺术和设计在dafa888体育社会中所扮演的文化和经济角色. 引人入胜的 directly with the visual arts through regular visits to art galleries, participation in artist workshops and other cultural 活动, helps to generate a genuine 参与并理解主题.  鼓励学生工作 experimentally, take calculated risks, foster their creativity, develop a 求知若渴,精练实践技能.

文化的发展 capital that engagement with visual arts related 活动 fosters, supports personal growth and wellbeing and builds social relationships which can also improve 学生的成就和社会流动性.

  • 年7 & 8 – the aim of our 艺术和设计 curriculum is to develop proficiency in the language of art, 通过掌握绘画的关键技能, 绘画, 版画, 色彩理论和三维作品, alongside new creative and digital technologies which are being actively used to enhance the creative process. dafa888体育的目标是提供一个 clear and comprehensive scheme of work that builds on and shows progression in, development of core skills within the subject and explores how these skills transfer beyond the classroom.
  • 9 - 11年级-艺术是普通中等教育证书中很受欢迎的科目. dafa888体育教授基于技能的个性化大发dafa888, 以智慧的方式发展创造性的想法.  This allows our students to express their individual creativity as well as providing them with opportunities to practise and develop mastery in the key processes of producing art: drawing, 绘画, 印刷, 纺织品和雕塑. This work is supported through the study of key artists and art  movements.  Students develop knowledge and understanding of a broad range of artwork and the context in which it was produced. Students are encouraged to be artists in their own right and think deeply about their work and how their practice can have a positive impact on the world around them.  The contribution of 艺术和设计 to the enrichment of our 年9 blended curriculum ensures there are many different opportunities for further progression and experience in the visual arts for all students.
  • 一年12 to 13 – at A Level an individual and independent approach is taken by students, 谁遵循定制的个性化学习计划, 引导员工. Students are actively encouraged to engage directly and regularly with the work of other creative practitioners, 工匠, 艺术家和设计师.


艺术系设在一幢新的大楼里 teaching block and consists of two purpose built studios that contain a range 专业设施和设备. 这包括一个窑,印刷机, 数码模版切割机和各种材料和资源.

Co-大发dafa888和课外 活动

dafa888体育相信, art has enormous power to contribute to a student’s personal development in 创造性、独立性、判断力和自我反省. 这就是为什么这个部门 offers all students within the school regardless of age or ability the 参加午间“开放工作坊”的机会.

学科掌握扩展(SME)研讨会 是否每周都在午餐时间跑步,并邀请学生参加.  学生也有机会 to continue practical work outside timetabled lessons, at lunchtime and after school.  

dafa888体育才华横溢,积极进取的六年级 艺术大使开办了一个非常成功和受欢迎的七年级艺术俱乐部. 艺术 teachers offer specialist workshops to our examination groups including a creative drawing workshop for all students opting to take the subject at GCSE 以及为dafa888体育的A - Level艺术学生选修的生命绘画大发dafa888.

部门里的高质量显示器 and around the school building, and annual exhibitions allow us to celebrate 学生的成功和创造力. 学生也有一个长 在校外展示他们作品的传统,包括 venues such as Firstsite, 科尔切斯特, The Mall Galleries, London and 埃塞克斯 艺术展示. 比赛也是定期的特色 以鼓励学生扩展和探索他们的 创造性技能超出了大发dafa888范围.

本署了解 importance of our students viewing the work of other artists first hand and we run regular trips to art galleries, including First Site, Tate Britain and 泰特现代美术馆. 访问的目的是加强和支持专题工作 在大发dafa888中. 此外,还有机会看一看 artist at work through a residential visit or a visiting artist workshop forms an 这是大发dafa888的重要组成部分.


许多学生正在为职业做准备 in Art and go on to prestigious Art Colleges and Foundation Courses but many others combine Art with A Levels in subjects such as 英语 Literature, 人文甚至科学. 艺术专业的学生可以在一个 wide range of areas such as advertising, architecture, art history, animation, interior design, product design, fashion design, public art, jewellery making, 平面设计、游戏设计、纺织设计、摄影.  创意产业是其中之一 英国经济中增长最快的行业.  艺术A级可以提供一个进入 结构化的商业生涯. 传统的前进路线是 one-year Foundation Course in 艺术和设计, but many of our students are 直接进入一流大学学习文学学士学位大发dafa888.